14. June, 2019

Fetch.AI Community Newsletter (10–14 June)

Here is Fetch.AI’s community newsletter for the week commencing 10 June. Stay up to date by following us on Twitter.

Upcoming events

We have three exciting hackathons coming up in the next few weeks.

Agent Hackathon 0x01; (14–28 June, Online, Worldwide)
In our first ever hackathon we invite you to imagine and build agents that help demonstrate Fetch.AI’s potential. With up to 5,000 FET tokens in prizes, get started with our ’agent-simple’ template and send us your submission by 28 June for your chance to win 🏆

White Night Hackathon (18–19 June, St. Petersburg, Russia)
Join us for a 32-hour Mobility Blockchain Hackathon and Learnathon in St Petersburg, Russia. The event is organised in collaboration with T-Labs (the research and innovation unit of Deutsche Telekom) T-Systems Russia and The Blockchain Society. The hackathon will give developers the opportunity to experiment with Fetch.AI and T-Labs’ cutting edge blockchain technology and explore how it can be applied to create real-world deployments in the mobility sector. 15,000 FET tokens are up for grabs in prizes, so you don’t want to miss out! Sign up here.

Agent Hackathon 0x02; (17 July, Cambridge, UK)
More information coming soon!

Technology update

We made the official 0.3.1 release — Andromeda.

Andromeda is a feature release and brings a number of new updates across the Ledger and the Etch language. The following outlines a few of the updates from the various components of the ledger:


  • New transaction format
  • Initial fee implementation
  • Chain and transaction sync performance improvements
  • VM intermediate representation (IR) support
  • Fix a number of minor issues in HTTP and VM subsystems

Etch Language

  • Print replaced with print and printLn
  • State variables now has support for non-primitive types.
  • Add utility methods for the String and Array classes
  • getBlockNumber() now available inside Smart contract actions

Math Library

  • Tensor reworked for performance improvements
  • Partial support for vectorised BLAS implementations
  • Added native FixedPoint implementations

Machine Learning Library

  • Various new Ops implementations (embeddings, Convolution2D etc.)

This week, excluding merges, nine authors have pushed 17 commits to the main branch and 23 commits to all branches.

On the main branch, 149 files have changed and there have been 7,511 additions and 3,875 deletions. See all updates.

Community news

At CogX this week Fetch.AI head of research Jonathan Ward spoke about how Fetch.AI is shaping the future of computing by harnessing the wisdom of digital crowds.

Following the presentation, he took part in a panel discussion with head of research at Ocean Protocol, Dimitri De Jonghe, project lead at Graph Protocol Yaniv Tal and Coindesk managing director for Europe and Asia, Joon Ian Wong.

Jonathan Ward at CogX with Dimitri De Jonghe, Yaniv Tal, and Joon Ian Wong

Sharing Fetch.AI’s technology with European trade officers
Fetch.AI CTO Toby Simpson spoke to European trade commercial officers at PwC in Cambridge this week. The representatives were invited to the UK by the Department for International Trade to gain a better understanding of some of the country’s leading technology companies.

During the presentation, Toby demonstrated how Fetch.AI’s decentralised network enables everyone to benefit from the under-utilised data generated by IoT devices.

Toby speaking to EU trade officers about Fetch.AI’s technology

Seventh European Conference on Networks
Lead economist Frederic Moisan attended the Seventh European Conference on Networks, sponsored by the European Research Council, at the University of Cambridge.

Seventh European Conference on Networks at the University of CambridgeThanks for reading our update. Join the conversation with the rest of our community on Telegram.


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