17. May, 2019

Fetch.AI Community Newsletter (13–17 May)


Here is Fetch.AI’s community newsletter covering the week commencing 13 May. Stay up to date by following us on Twitter.

Highlight of the week

🏆 1st place in TIoTA’s Smart E-Mobility Challenge

This week Fetch.AI along with collaborators Bosch, Share&Charge and T-Labs won 1st place in Trusted IoT Alliance’s Smart E-Mobility Challenge.

Troels and Maria celebrate with our collaborators Bosch, Share&Charge and T-Labs

The winning use case ‘My Easy Charge’ is a real-life prototype technology for electrical vehicle charging that combines the intelligence of autonomous economic agents with blockchain and peer-to-peer communication to enable seamless charging and settlement. Watch our submission video below:

TIoTA Smart E-Mobility Challenge 2019 winning use case ‘My Easy Charge’

Bosch Connected Experience and Bosch Connected World
The award was presented at Bosch Connected World in Berlin where Fetch.AI head of software Troels Rønnow supported competitors as a hack coach in Bosch Connected Experience’s three-day IoT hackathon which had over 700 participants.

Troels answers questions about Fetch.AI’s infrastructure and how it delivers value

“Everything that can be connected will be connected!”
This year’s Bosch Connected World conference highlighted the importance of how IoT and distributed ledger technology enable an Economy of Things:

🤝 T-Labs and Fetch.AI join forces
Fetch.AI and T-Labs will cooperate on tackling the next era of the digital economy. We announced a joint collaboration with T-Labs, highlighting our continued desire to work together to enable the new digital economy for mobility.

T-Labs is the R&D unit of Deutsche Telekom, one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies. Fetch.AI’s intelligent blockchain and autonomous agents will bring autonomy to the M2M ecosystem infrastructure and T-Labs’ ecostructure.

Together we will develop the critical ecostructures required for the Economy of Things.

Technology update

  • – Finalised the new transaction format
  • – Completed a major update delivering an improved version of the virtual machine

Community news

Consensus 2019
Fetch.AI CTO Toby Simpson discussed exchange growth tactics and the maze of regulation at Consensus 2019 with fellow panellists Tim Byun, CEO of OKCoin and Kwon Park, Business Development Manager for Bittrex.

Panellists Kwon, Toby and Tim at Consensus 2019 in New York

AAMAS 2019
This week Fetch.AI machine learning engineer Marco Favorito and AI researcher Ali Hosseini presented at the International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS) in Montreal. It is the largest and most important conference in the field. During technical tutorials and workshops Ali and Marco exchanged ideas with other industry experts such as Utrecht University academics Mehdi Dastani and Tim Baarslag.

Ali and Marco at AAMAS 2019

What are you working on Nathan?
We caught up with senior software engineer Nathan Hutton who has been working on Fetch.AI’s ledger for the last 18 months.

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