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Careers at Fetch

Fetch is a world-changing project, a “decentralised digital world” where autonomous software agents act on the behalf of their owners, or their own interests, to perform useful economic work. Fetch to us, and our thousands of community members is one of the most exciting projects of the moment and future.

We have a working prototype in which active agents solve complex distributed problems scaling in difficulty with speed. A scaling ledger poised to be working at 1,000,000 transactions a second. World leading machine learning researchers are creating true intelligence in our distributed ledger.

We’re looking for exceptional people of all disciplines and skill levels to help bring Fetch to life.

Software Engineer

We’re looking for software engineers in several specialisations. All groups need good C++ development skills -- you’ll be:

  • Knowledgeable about STL, Boost, template authoring, C++11 and multi-threading.
  • Interested in learning more C++ and applying it.
  • Happy to work on multiple facets of a project, learning -- or inventing -- as you go.
  • Senior levels will have experience in one or more of the specialist areas or a generalist across several.
  • Senior levels will have experience of mentoring, participating in feature design & specification and experience in being involved in patent processes would be helpful.

Software Engineer (Generalist)

In addition to the base skillset, you’ll have experience in a wide variety of other fields:

  • Python application development/embedding.
  • Visualisation systems.
  • Web stack technologies.
  • API development/packaging.
  • Software Engineer (Network)

In addition to the base skillset, you’ll have experience in many or all of:

  • Scalable, multi-threaded (highly parallelised) network code.
  • OpenSSL, sockets and ASIO.
  • TCP/IP monitoring tools.
  • Software Engineer (Blockchain)

In addition to the base skillset, you’ll have experience in many or all of:

  • A year or more of full-time blockchain development experience.
  • Proven track record of delivering in this field.
  • Ability and desire to design and create novel blockchain applications.
  • Consensus protocols and smart contracts
  • Software Engineer (Digital World)

In addition to the base skillset, you’ll have experience in many or all of:

  • Creating large-scale digital environments inhabited by both human and non-human characters. Games or simulations industry background.
  • Rapid prototyping, 3D scene construction, shared worlds.

Machine Learning Scientists and Research Engineers

Skilled researchers or engineers in machine learning and AI who can push the boundaries of knowledge. We are working at the cutting edge of the field in several areas and are looking for people with a desire to create novel solutions for complex problems . A proven track record in areas such as deep learning, kernel methods, graphical models and reinforcement learning, in addition to programming skills in Python and C/C++.

Researchers at Fetch are loosely divided into scientist and engineer profiles. Both roles require a good understanding of advanced machine learning methods. Scientists focus on the design and validation of new learning algorithms, while engineers focus more on implementation, deployment in real-world situations and performance optimisation.

Machine Learning Scientists and Research Engineers must have these vital skills:

  • A PhD or equivalent experience in subjects that involve theoretical and/or applied machine learning.

Extensive knowledge in one or more of the following areas:

  • Deep learning with artificial neural networks.
  • Sequence models including recurrent networks, Markov models or conditional random fields
  • Model-free methods such as Gaussian processes
  • Natural language processing for classification and analysis
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Signal Processing

Software engineering skills:

  • C++, Python, C
  • Linux
  • Git

Additional highly valued skills are:

  • Agent-based systems.
  • Real time simulations
  • Experience with high performance computing
  • Experience in GPU programming

Data Scientist

This role involves developing analytics pipelines to support the Fetch ecosystem. This encompasses the storage, mining and visualisation of data, and reporting of actionable insights to the blockchain development and machine learning teams. The data sources include numerous elements from the blockchain itself, such as the transactions records, the geographical distribution of nodes and network traffic. Fetch is also involved in the transport and mobility sectors and we are actively developing databases, analytics and autonomous agents for application in this area. In the longer term, Fetch has ambitions in a broad range of sectors including energy, health and financial services and would be interested in hearing from candidates with experience in any of these areas.

Web Developer

An exceptional web developer is required to work on Fetch’s public and private facing sites as well as working to refine and create specific interfaces and APIs relating to connecting autonomous economic agents to Fetch's decentralised digital world. The role suits a real developer's mind: someone who can maintain, design and architect awesomely cool solutions that will help make Fetch's web presence and systems delightful and efficient for all their users. Extensive experience in Node.js, CSS and Python a must and this should be coupled with a focus on secure, high-performance implementations that are stable and scale. You should be familiar with DNS, SSL certificates, encryption, databases and operating in a Linux server environment. A knack for creating cool-looking and super helpful data visualisations would be helpful as would the ability to create user interfaces using technologies such as React.

Why Work With Fetch

Are you enthusiastic and energetic with a great team spirit?
Do you have a willingness to just get things done?
Do you want to work alongside other exceptional developers?
Do you want the opportunity to not only contribute but to learn new things?

Fetch is a start-up company and it’s an exciting place to be. We have a flat structure where all doors are open and communication runs freely.

We value all people, regardless of their gender, age, disabilities, race, ethnic origin, pregnancy or maternity status, religious beliefs, political beliefs, marital status or sexual orientation. We encourage applicants from all backgrounds, and are committed to promoting equality at every opportunity both as a partner, provider of services and as an employer.


Variable depending on experience, what are you worth?


We offer all the usual standard benefits:

  • Pension
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Care
  • 22 days holiday - plus bank holidays - and an extra half day off per year rising to 24 days maximum
  • Then it gets exciting
  • Joining bonus
  • Summer party
  • Christmas party
  • Fun activity days
  • Free snacks
  • Free hot and cold drinks
  • Chill out zone
  • Video games
  • Endless fruit

If any of these sound like just the ticket for you? Drop us a line and say hello at [email protected]